About us

A Brief Introduction

A brief introduction:

JP Designs are (relatively) new kids on the block providing innovative and versatile website design in Northern Ireland. We aim to give our clients modern, future proof designs.

At JP Designs we combine an understanding of brand and design together with meticulous attention to planning, detail and technical expertise, all delivered by a team of highly skilled designers and programmers.

We work with businesses throughout the UK and Ireland, turning their ideas into reality. And we don’t just stop at web design. Our expertise expands into Digital Marketing & PR, Email Marketing, Social Media, SEO & Site Optimisation, Content Management, Online Video, E-Commerce.

Our team shares a commitment to meeting our clients’ needs and to delivering exceptional work on time and within budget.

6 Reasons to choose us.

Size and Flexibility

We’re a small company and we do not plan on becoming a large company. Our size means that we’re flexible, without the overheads that large agencies incur. Being a small company also means that decisions and actions can be carried out quickly. It also means that we can be selective about our clients – having a manageable client load means your projects are completed on time.

Fair Pricing

We offer high quality work matched by a superior customer service at a fair and reasonable price. We are not the cheapest on the block, but we are far from the most expensive. Experience tells us that larger companies often charge two or three times our rates. We think you’ll find our work comparable (and often superior) but for less cost than you’d pay elsewhere. We do not plan on offering the best designs and support for the lowest price. If we did, we wouldn’t strive to always exceed your expectations – we would simple ‘take-the-money-and-run’. We abide by our agreements. This means you’re not getting any surprises from us. We don’t charge by the hour, you’ll get clear quotes for itemised work, we require approvals before any additional expenditure (at your request) all which mean there are no surprises nor out-of-control budgets.

Honest Feedback

We want your web site to be a success. We know what makes web sites work, so we will tell you what we think is best. If you make a suggestion that we think isn’t a good idea, we’re not scared to say so and we’ll explain why. More often than not, this will result in you spending less than you intended. But, if you’re determined to spend it, we’ll show you several better ways to invest your money.

Design Philosophy

We have extensive knowledge on the difference between mediocre or sub-standard design compared to quality designs. We concentrate on designing web sites that are fast to download, fully functional, stylish and easy to use. We pay great attention to detail and we don’t cut-corners. We set-up sites to be very search-engine friendly. We design sites to meet the needs of our clients, not to show off what we can do. If some feature, facility or imagery is not needed on your site, we’ll not add it and that means you don’t pay for ‘web-fluff’.

Content Managed Websites

Your site will include an integrated Content Management System (CMS). This means that you will be able to add and manage all content, at any time, via a passworded login, using your normal web browser. Having investigated and evaluated all of the most popular and appropriate CMS software packages available and based on the information provided, we will use the best CMS option for your new web site. Choosing an open source CMS solution also saves months of development time which would otherwise have been spent designing and developing a bespoke solution.

Mobile & Tablet ready websites

Your web site will need to be viewable by smartphone & tablet users and so all sites we design nowadays are “responsive” to change in size and layout to suit the viewing platform used. Unlike many other web designers, we don’t charge extra for this.

JP Designs aims to build relationships with clients that are based on trust, transparency, consistency and integrity. We aim to treat all clients as if they are our only client.  We aim to build every web site as if it were our very own. We aim to be easy to work with on every aspect of our client’s web presence. We are always honest in our recommendations and feedback, even when this results in less business to us, and we subscribe to the practice of “under-promise and over-deliver”.

JP Designs focuses on offering an unsurpassable level of customer service. We specialise in giving our customers the kind of consistent, friendly, personalised service that larger web development companies don’t offer. A happy customer always means more and better business, so we try to make the completion of your web site an enjoyable experience. We are always honest in our recommendations and feedback, even when this results in less business to us, and we subscribe to the practice of “under-promise and over-deliver”. We keep you informed at every step of the design process. We provide private access to your project from day one. Our goal is to create a long lasting relationship with our clients, wherever they are located.

We don’t simply want to be your web site design firm. We like to learn about the people and companies we work with. Many of our clients have turned into good friends, and are always coming back for advice, or referring their friends to us. We’ll take the hassle out of the project and we’re happy when you are happy.